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St Martin: an island-flavored two cultures

Legend has it that to divide the Caribbean island of Saint Martin French and Dutch decided, after a lively evening, the next day two of the locals would come trotting from the same point in opposite directions along the edge of the island directions to turn to find. There would mark the dividing line.


Apparently, the French wore that night offering their Dutch countrymen generous doses of wine, the consequences of which took effect the following day. Hence, the Netherlands had not gone very favored in the distribution. However, historians have the official distribution of the territories became more for reasons of economic interest and official treaties.

For regular cruise travelers, this destination may find familiar, as one of the stops of the Caribbean in the free port of Philipsburg, the capital of the Netherlands, famous partly for its stores of precious stones, watches, liquor, and brands recognized clothing, among other items.

However, this destination has also begun to attract the attention of Colombian and South Americans, thanks to the offer of flights departing from Panama City, a distance of two hours by air from the Caribbean island.

Indeed, one of the main attractions of the Dutch side is the famous Maho Beach, above the runway at Princess Juliana International Airport, where dozens of tourists gather every day to photograph the arrival of the aircraft, which spend just a few meters high overhead.

The runway is separated with two metal fences and has a long rope that people can catch also feel the power of the air shed turbines aircraft at takeoff.

Another curiosity is its extensive airport VIP area, where private jets of celebrities and executives in the world are appreciated. In fact, 85 percent of the island’s income comes from tourism. Therefore, one of the ideal accommodation on this side of the island, is the Sonesta Maho Beach Resort, which besides offering all-inclusive plan, is a two-minute walk from the beach. The best way to get from the airport is by using┬áCar Rental St Martin.

In addition, a quarter of an hour there, including a park, previously outside of the courts most recognized courses on the island, destroyed by Hurricane Luis in 1995, you can spend the day at the beach Mullet Bay, calm waters whose crystal and iridescent, turquoise and green pastel overtones, making it one of the most beautiful resorts on the Dutch side, ideal for families with small children. There you can rent two chairs and an umbrella for an average of $ 15 a day.